EIP Industrial Sandwich Panels

Using EIP sandwich panels effectively eliminate the usage of concrete which eliminates one root cause of carbon emission. Sandwich panels provide good thermal insulation hence, the whole building is insulated against heat loss which greatly decreases the consumption of fossil fuels and energy to air-condition the interior of buildings.

During the production of industrial sandwich panel, no ozone depleting gases are used. EIP uses n-pentane as the blowing agent for the production of panels. N-pentane is a Zero ODP gas with no adverse effect on the ozone layer. The HCFC gases used in some older, obsolete production plants have a negative effect on the ozone layer, due to their high ODP.

EIP actively contributes to the environment by in using recycled materials as well as recycling of our own product material waste.

EIP industrial panels effectively contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Sustainable and environmentally responsible panels.